Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Vandusen Stroll

Above: Photos from my lunchtime winter walk in Vandusen Garden. 
Tuesday morning broke with sunshine; the birdsong, blue sky and smell of the morning air gave me an incredible high. Plus … I was still flush with the aftertaste of Rob’s call.  
I’m clearly going to be able to finish scene two of my script this week and that means a second draft of the script can be done by the end of March. Boca’s decision on who wins the workshop(s) comes mid-March, so the timing is well aligned. 
I’ve been fanaticizing about moving for a long time but I’ve decided I’m perfectly situated right here in the heart of downtown. The proximity of innumerable fine-dining restaurants, the beach and the park, my friends and the seawall makes this place ideal in spite of incessant, loud construction that is destined to last for a decade.
I’ve come home from Dr. S. with a prescription for Cipralex; now I have to decide whether or not to start taking it.
After seeing Dr. S., I went to Vandusen Garden for lunch with a high school friend. It was really lovely there — so quiet and calm. It’s comfort food in a lovely setting; definitely not fine dining, but I’d go back in a heartbeat. Plus you can walk through the garden.

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