Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday Trumptoons (Batch #7)

Tuesday morning…
The dawn broke with sunshine; the birdsong, blue sky and smell of the morning air gave me an incredible high. I awoke flush with the aftertaste of Rob’s call and with pride in my work on the script.
I am clearly going to be able to finish scene two this week. I’m well into it and that means a second draft of the script can be done by the end of March. And since Boca’s decision on who wins the workshop(s) comes mid-March, the timing is well aligned.
On the home front, I am reconciled to staying here. I’ve been fanaticizing about moving for a long time but I’ve decided I’m perfectly situated. The proximity of innumerable fine-dining restaurants and the park, friends and the seawall makes this place ideal in spite of incessant, loud construction that is destined to last for a decade.
I’m not, however, reconciled to daily medications so there was more talking about them with Dr. S. today. Then I went to Vandusen Garden for lunch with a high school friend.
Psychologist Jonathon Cheek interviewed five hundred poeple and came up with four classifications of introverts. I found his observations interesting. His four categories of introversion are:
  1. The social introvert prefers small groups or not groups at all and like alone time but is not necessarily shy. I am this person.
  2. The thinking introvert is okay with groups, gets lost in his head and is deeply creative and imaginative. I’m definitely creative.
  3. The anxious introvert feels painfully self-conscious and obsesses about social mistakes. This is totally me and I hate this aspect of my character
  4. The restrained introvert is slower, thinks before he acts and is not a morning person. This is definitely not me.

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