Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Scenario 2 / Roberto

Last week, my blog had 574 hits in a single 15-minute period— all from France.
My walk around the seawall was achieved. It was the sunniest day in ages and a holiday; not an ideal for this guy to walk (so many people) but I was delighted I did it. It took a half-hour longer than I used to and I was super stiff at its end.
I have a working sixty-minute, two-handed scenario done. It’s a solid comedic structure I think; its wit has to come out of the dialogue. Dwight’s been grilling me about the plot and all the answers are there; he’s encouraging me to apply for the residency.

Damaged as me,
Hot, once, against his nature,
Now cool.
Call display constantly disappoints.
The songs we danced to,
lull hope to sleep.
Ring tone window …
Turn it up?
Or down?

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