Monday, February 20, 2017

One Third Done

I’m very happy to report that I have completed the first third — the first twenty minutes — of the first draft of my script — a script that would not exist had I not had my breakdown and become a stay-at-home man desperately needing something to do.
That “something” quickly became a plan to make paper dresses. Now, I’ve an application for a residency with Boca del Lupo sitting in a pile on someone’s desk awaiting adjudication, and I’m where I am in a script that may make my dresses practical as play properties.
I will hear in three weeks if Boca accepts or rejects my proposal.
I’m three weeks away from a big step towards a life-long dream coming true – that dream being to write a play and to see it produced by a theatre company.
I wrote Knock Knock and it was produced. That was great. But it wasn’t satisfying for two reasons: It was autobiographical and I produced it. Selling the screenplay version was satisfying, but the movie never got made.
Defiant Dress is, perhaps, my last try.
The funny thing is, though, that my motivation isn’t to experience the satisfaction I speak of, it’s to recover the costs of the mannequins and all the crap I used to make the costumes — around three grand. I haven’t added it up yet and I have five more dresses to go.
I want to recover the money so I can spend it again on another project. If I can keep recycling the same money, I won’t go broke playing. Knock Knock cost me about seven grand, I think, but I earned something like fifteen in box office but I gave every cent to PAL Vancouver. (Big mistake.)

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