Tuesday, February 7, 2017


I awoke Sunday in the middle of the night with a killer fever—that kind when you cannot function due to shivering and shaking when the air touches your body. The night involved changing shirt and finding a dry place to go back to sleep.
Monday morning got up just like normal and went into the kitchen to make some toast. It looked so good as I buttered it and then I took it to the window and tore it into little pieces to feed my buddies the seagulls that hang out on our roof. There was no way I was going to eat.
Back to bed, then up again for my meeting with Jillian and to get some chicken noodle soup at the 711. All through my meeting with Jillian, I just wanted to get back into bed, and that is exactly what I did at 2:30 and I stayed there until 7:00 am Tuesday morning.
I feel capable of life today, thank God, because I’ve got an appointment with Dr. Shoja this morning and then Chris and Frani are coming to spend the night here.

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