Saturday, February 4, 2017


“Geez… I had more fun making those costumes for Trudeau, the Felons and Me than I’ve had in decades. I should do that again—make some costumes. But what’ll I make? Oh, I know: Five dresses inspired by birds.”
That’s how The Defiant Dress started. Now I am pitching for a partner and a residency (a development workshop).
I have readers vetting a pitch that I hope will seduce Jillian (my preferred actor) to join me in the development of script. Having her as part of the project will make my application for the residency even stronger. If I secure the residency I am confident my show will be produced.
There are a couple of “ifs” there but I’m optimistic. In the past couple of days I’ve tweaked the scenario so I’m clearer about Charlotte’s backstory. The thoroughness of that understanding — plus the seven extant dresses —makes my residency application pretty compelling. Yay me!
A project intended to merely kill time turn is on the verge of turning into something pretty exciting.

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