Monday, February 13, 2017

Post Shift / Corleone

It’s time to acknowledge the change in my posts. I now talk about my personal life with Dr. Shoja and not here. I, m writing here about experiences and/or observations; I think I’m writing better both here and in my scenario (that’s working far better as a two-hander, by the way).
Chris.2 is emerging like the flowers this year, they from their sleep and me from C-PTSD. My deepened understanding of my condition and behavior has returned an enthusiasm for living in me.
I’m going to get an A++ from Dr. Shoja the day after tomorrow.
Sunday afternoon I went to see Corleone, a mash-up of Shakespeare and The Godfather — a movie I have never seen. This version is all female; it’s produced by Classic Chic Productions, a female centric production company. My friend Nicola plays Vito Corleone.
I went with a positive prejudice: Nicola was in it, I liked the space — it’s a intimate — and it was playfully experimental. But I had trouble getting into it. I earnestly plugged my ears for the first several minutes because the actors crotch-itch, sneer and scream their masculinity at you in an improvised physical prologue. It’s apt but I hated it — mostly due to my condition but partly due to not liking seeing women behaving like the worst that I see in men. Therein, however, may lay its artistic merit — there and in the fun, charm and skill of the actors.

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