Monday, February 27, 2017

Oscars / Dresses

Health: I’m stoned on speech. Cipralex (Escitalopram — where in Hell do they get these names?)) is right up there with Combivir, my HIV medication. Cipralex is my second medical miracle.
Combivir keeps me alive and Cipralex gives me speech. I was living my life at a level-ten intensity of anxiety before Cipralex; now I’m living at an intensity level more like three or four. But its my remarkable capacity to speak that feels truly miraculous.
When I went for a walk along the seawall to Granville Island, I wanted to stop people and tell them “I can talk” and phone everyone I knew.
The Oscars: Biggest Ego - Sting; Biggest Bore - Sting; Overacting Award -Viola Davis; Greatest Achievement – the show’s set decorator; Greatest High - Moonlight winning best picture; Worst Speaker - Casey Affleck; Best Speaker: Octavia Spencer (red carpet); Most Embarrassing Thing Ever Done on the Oscars - The bus people; Classiest Winner - Jason Hurwitz (composer and musical director, La La Land.). Fabulous dresses: Emma Stone and Bree Larson.
Defiant Dress: I finished draft 1-B of my script. It’s just a modest entertainment: It’s short, it’s structurally sound and there’s some merit to it. It’s just still a little flat.
What’s going on? Why is everything working?  Next time I go to the bathroom I’m going to check the toilet for diamonds.

Solar panel farm at night!

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