Thursday, February 16, 2017


And now A(r)mour: The Defiant Dress needs its dialogue so I’ve divided my 55-minute divertissement into ten “units;” each is either a scripted monologue, scripted dialogue or improvised dialogue. I’ll write each unit when I’m experiencing the emotion called for in the scene. Then I’ll write the eight transitions I’ll need.
If Boca isn’t interested in my script, I’ll approach other producers.
Knock Knock, a play about my miserable youth became Uncle Gus’ Monkey, a screenplay about my miserable youth. The theatre I built commissioned Trudeau, the Felons and Me to tell the story of its creation—again, my experience.
The Defiant Dress is a fiction but it draws on my experience in the visual arts.
There’s one more story to tell and I’m living it; it’s about a guy who goes through changes.
Yesterday I let go of Chris.1. Dr. S. agrees that there’s no going back. Chris.2, whom Tim finds “not as much fun,” is here to stay.
Chris.2 is happy and silent at home, comfortable and fluent with trusted friends. But going outside alone is just shitty. It’s a minefield for me so I look forward to the experience of Chris.3 (medicated Chris.2). I’m hoping Chris.3 finds the outdoors more accessible when I’m unescorted.
Some around me share my prejudice about pharmaceutical solutions, but I feel a need and I’m pleased I’m willing to experiment.

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