Wednesday, February 1, 2017

DEFINITELY not Parksinson's

Drama Queen Diary Deux: I definitely do not have Parkinson’s. One look at Dr. Shoja’s face and it was clear. She says many doctors do not understand psychogenesis and that she and Dr. Morrison had both eliminated pathological reasons for my stutter right off the bat.
She also said that she would see me weekly until the end of August instead of the end of mid-April and I if my speech continues to worsen due to my life experiences, I will take daily medication—one I currently don’t use. Plus, I am going to take a course of Bowen therapy to ease the pain in my neck, chest and upper back. For all these reasons, I am hugely relieved.
She remains confident about my future.
I feel back to where I was a week ago now—that is … at a point where I accept my speech problem as a minor inconvenience and can gat on with my life.
I’m so happy. I came home, bought some Diet Coke, a donut, rolled a joint and turned up the heat. I am back and I am (ridiculously) HAPPY!
Now, back to my dresses and script.

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