Sunday, February 12, 2017

Feeling' Good

I’m getting better at being Chris.2.
I feel freer, lighter … unencumbered by my own decisions and more aware that nothing is urgent. My focus is on the entire experience of the day and not on its tasks.
As the weather improves, I’ll spend more time outdoors. In a month, Daylight Savings begins; it’s always been my favourite day of the year.
I’ve been re-working my scenario; it’s now a two-hander. Once it’s working, it’ll be scriptwriting time. The goal: A draft good enough to earn it a workshop. It may take a long time.
A friend’s observation has me realize how frail Leon is now. He’s skinny, less stable on his feet and arthritic. Losing him is going to be unspeakably hard. He’s my greatest success in relationships.

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