Monday, September 11, 2017

A BIG Week

First the bad news: I did something to a muscle in my neck and sometimes I’m in indescribable pain. Oh my God. Just what I need. It came on late last night and is f-cking killing me this morning.
Now the good news: Yesterday was a painless and super satisfying experience
Dwayne picked me up at 7:15 and we caught the ferry to Nanaimo and then another ferry to Gabriola. We went to the place I like so much (Violet Crescent) and then to four other places on the market. When I first saw Violet Crescent, I was slightly disappointed. The interior design ain’t great —it’s awkward but a minimal challenge.
After seeing all the others the both Dwayne and I came to an emphatic conclusion: Violet Crescent felt fabulous. We went back to it a second time and then took the two ferries back to town. I got home at 8:30.
Being on Gabriola is like being in a park. Driving on Violet Crescent road makes me feel like I’m in Peachland in 1958. And there are a surprising number of stores on the Island. And all I saw of Nanaimo pleased me too: The quaint shopping area of historical looking buildings, the waterfront park and the overall pace and feel of the place.
The Violet Crescent house is a perfect size for one person. When you go out on the back deck the view is tall, truly majestic trees. And the garage and studio are situated in a way that they make the backyard completely private. The land is maintenance free.
Dwayne is talking to the realtor today because I’m keen to make an offer. If I’m successful, I’ll get possession around October 8th. And my plan for vacating my current place is to retain occupancy until October 30th so I’ll have a nice comfortable three weeks to move in.
Now I have to research how to get cell phone service or whether or not I need a telephone landline and learn how to get the Internet. It’s not easy on the island.
Today the ad goes up and this week Dwayne hopes to have a lot of private viewings and then a series of open houses. A week today, in the evening, he hopes we accept an offer. So things are really moving along. Plus: During the week we’ll be negotiating on Violet Crescent. What a week this week will be.

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