Saturday, September 23, 2017

High Gear

I’m in serious high gear now.
Todd’s offer to help me for the three-day Thanksgiving weekend set me into high gear. I completed my list of purchases today and did many key duties: I arranged for cable and Internet, my telephone landline, for my hydro connection and to activate the well. And huzzah huzzah: I’ve actually started informing my long list of companies and service providers of my change of address.
At one point on Saturday I thought my brain would fry if I tried to make another decision but I think this whole process has gone rather smoothly. Both transactions rolled out as Dwayne predicted they would and suddenly I’ve only two more weeks as a resident of the city of my birth. Two weeks left!
For the next two days I remove, box and label everything in my lockers, cupboards and shelves. Next week a lot of deliveries are due: A patio set, new freezer, patio heater, bar-b-q, guest mattresses and box springs.
The goal remains well worth the effort.

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