Friday, September 15, 2017

Here We go

Okay… Here we go. Today is the first of three open houses — there’s one today, another on Saturday and the last on Sunday — then Monday night realtor Dwayne says he’ll have offers for me to look at.  If he does, they are all likely to be over the asking price because all those offering will know they're in a competition.
So Tuesday, in theory, this place will be sold and then the inspection is on Wednesday and if that goes well the subject clauses will be removed and I will own the cabin.
“What’d ya get for your birthday?”
“A cabin in the woods.”
It’s glorious today, as usual. Surely it will end soon. We need rain.
Yesterday I had lunch with Edwin, a man I met in France. He came (a stranger to me) to stay with me just as I’d gotten rid of the latest in an endless stream of guests — that’s what happens when you live in a garden apartment three blocks from the Riviera. He was a friend of a friend and I was fed up with guests, but he turned out to be a remarkable find. That was in 1974 and we’re still friends.
Then I picked up a letter from Dr. Shoja that will let me stay in the car on the ferry. And after that, I bought a bird feeder and hummingbird feeder for the cabin and came home.
I can’t believe that I get to write…. “For the cabin!”
At the end of the day, Thursday, I got word I was refused bridge financing by my financial advisor. She was disappointed she had to give me such bad news. She gave me the name of bank officer who rejected me (and her phone number) in case I wanted to talk to her.
Realtor Dwayne responded to the news by telling my financial advisor that TD Bank would take my business. That was Thursday afternoon.
In the evening, I wrote to my advisor to complain. I told her it was grossly disappointing that I, a long time good customer of the back that’s holding 350 grand of my money would refuse bridge financing to the owner of a condo worth 600 grand. Then the capper: I reminded her that I could not call the rejecting bank officer because I cannot talk to people on the phone.
Now my application is being reconsidered.
Whoa! Deer don’t like lavender. Bingo!! Guess what I’m going to grow tons of.
I watched Great Performances. It was Joan Baez and guests – mostly guests. The gal doesn’t have much of a voice left. But she brought on Paul Simon who sang The Boxer and I wept. He’s a musical God. I was enraptured. Boy it felt good.
Okay… Here we go.

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