Thursday, September 21, 2017

Furniture Binge

Do you want a side with that?
Yes please.
So that’ll be one side table?
No three please?
But one bed?
Yes please?
And the dining table?
Yes please. It's my new desk.
And the dresser?
Uh huh.
And the sideboard?
Wow. What’d you do… buy a house?
You’re kidding.
What. Are you rich as God?
Nope. I bought a place on Gabriola.
The island or a street named Gabriola?
The island.
A big place? On the water?
Nope. A log cabin in the woods.
I’m going to have to kill you now.
From Amy whom I met yesterday: “I foresee a wonderful lasting friendship between us. You'll find that you'll be having lots of those on your island.”
I spent almost ten grand on furniture today. I’m in total shock. But I’ve been looking online and on foot everywhere and today on my way to a rustic furniture store I remembered a place I’d been to once a long time ago. What they sell is not rustic but its raw and its solid wood — plus they are storing it for me until October 10th when I’ll rent a truck, pick it up and take it to the island. (What you don't see below are my desk drawers and bedside tables for my guest rooms.) Next: A freezer, patio heater, some wooden patio furniture, a TV console, the two guest beds and their mattresses and a bar-B-Q.

My new dresser. I've never had one and always wanted one.
There's something old world I love about them.
My new bed and I also got the side table.
My new dining room sideboard to go with Dwight's table.
This one is light; mine is dark like my desk.
This is my new desk.

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