Sunday, September 3, 2017

Seeing is Understanding

The video above shows you why I have abandoned speech on the street. It’s impractical. I carry a notepad with me in which is a note printed in large dark text: “I am mute. Please bear with me while I write down a question.”
Normally I don’t need the note. Before I go into a store, I write down what I want on a blank page. The note is for emergencies; I can cover the second part with my hand to just use the first sentence.
Remember: I am only mute when I’m without a friend. When I am with a friend I can talk fluently to her or him and passably with strangers. But when I'm alone, which is most of the time, I am the person you see in the video. That’s why phones are very hard — even with a friend.
I plan to bulk buy once I have a house and I’ll get a freezer  so I can minimize my communications with strangers.
Tonight: A party of theatre friends. Bruce is going too. It’s his debut with our group since his stroke and since mine as an out de-camper.

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