Sunday, September 17, 2017

Last Open House ???

It’s Sunday and today’s the last open house. And today’s the last day I have to live in tidiness extremis. And I’ve only today and tomorrow to live with my stomach in knots of insecurity and anxiety.
Seventeen people/parties came through yesterday and the same potential exists for today. Surely I’ll get at least one offer and if I do, I’m taking it. Everyone except me is absolutely certain I’ve nothing to worry about.
As for the inspection: I’m not worried: It’s Norse Log Home and I read about them online. They’re built in Lantzville and all I read gave me lots of confidence about them — and mine is only twelve years old. So if my place sells, I’ll consider Violet Crescent bought.
And I’ll go on a shopping spree tomorrow.  I’m going to get a lot of things delivered here in advance of my move so that the mover’s take to the island: A patio set, patio heater, a desk, two guest beds, a freezer, a bar-b-q and some shelving.
My anxiety about the purchase and sale is my own doing. Realistically, the purchase was easy. I made an offer, they countered, I accepted. And if the sale of this place goes as everyone except me expects, it will have been easy too: Three open houses and then an offer accepted on the fourth day.
The packing and moving will be a lot of work but a total joy. The administrative stuff — dealing with my mail, and changing my address on my ID and with all my doctors and everything — will be a total pain in the ass. I’m going to get as much done here as I can before I move.
My meeting with Rob yesterday went okay. I said I hoped he’d come to Gabriola. There’s a chance our friendship may survive in some form. Or not.
An interesting observation: I’ve lost my ambition for The Defiant Dress. I don’t really care if anything happens with it. I’m way more invested in my move and my new life but I’ll be bringing my ladies over to my new studio once it’s fixed up and fixing them. Several were damaged in transit — the chopstick dress in particular. I chopped off tons of it.

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