Friday, September 22, 2017

Oct. 10th the Train Leaves the Station

So the water and septic inspections were yesterday but I’ve no news so fat. I will hear from Dwayne today though because it’s “subject’s off” day so I have to sign the purchase agreement to remove the subject clauses. Plus: I pay a deposit today.
With each step the place feels more and more like mine, but it’s an ever-deepening process. It won’t truly feel like mine, I don’t think, until Leon and I are living there.
I’m going back to the furniture store today for guest beds and then I’m getting bedding. And one terribly nice thing is that Dwight and Laura have given me a beautiful wood dining table that they don’t use that a mutual friend of ours built. I love that I’ll have something of Dwight’s in my home.
And guess what: There’s a Bernadoodle breeder on Gabriola. Bernadoodles are crosses between Bernese Water dogs and Poodles. Could this be fate? I sent an email of inquiry to them about getting a puppy — and another about getting two cords of wood.
My next high is clear: Lighting my woodstove for the first time— after I have the chimney inspected.
Not long ago I was bored.
Today’s a great day: I don’t have to leave my place pristine. Last night was the purchaser’s last visit before occupancy (I hope). And all my purchasing will be done except for patio stuff that I’ll get later in Nanaimo.
I’ve decided to start moving Oct.10th. That’s the day ‘the train is leaving the station,’ after that it’ll be relentless back-and-forthing until I’m living in the cabin.

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