Saturday, September 9, 2017

Gabriola Tomorrow

This morning I touched up some of my decorating. I gilded switches and scratches on table legs and glued some wallpaper edges.
I moved into an electric blue horror with faux wood floors that made noises like Ken was crushing Barbie. But I’m leaving behind a Maple and grass-paper paradise that’s really gorgeous — so gorgeous that realtor Dwayne brought in another realtor for a consultation and now, instead of asking $550,000, we’re asking $580,000 and he expects to get six hundred thousand or more.
In case you’re wondering: I bought this place ten years ago for $319,000! And it’s only 695 sq. ft. That’s Vancouver for ya.
Dwayne’s allies took photos this morning and drew floor plans. Tomorrow morning at 7:15 am he’s picking me up to go to Gabriola to look at several places. When I get home Sunday night (for Endeavor) I expect to be making an offer subject to the sale of my place.
I’m actually thinking I’ll get the place I like so much on Violet Crescent if there are no problems with it (like sulfurous water). It’s available and I’m willing to pay the asking price. A bank owns the place and it just reduced the price; they’re seemingly keen to offload a non-cash asset. That puts me in a good bargaining position.
Anyway … in two days the ad for my sale goes up. Tuesday and Thursday Dwayne’s doing viewings by appointment and on Friday there’s a “realtor Open House.” Next Saturday and Sunday there are open houses. As I’ve said, next Monday evening he expects us to review offers.
That means a week from this Tuesday any subjects can come off and I’ll have that fabulous new home.
Yes, some friends have concerns but I feel certain I’m making the right decision for me. I’ll be isolated but a twenty-minute ferry ride (and there are thirteen return trips a day) from the decent-sized city of Nanaimo.
I’m very excited. Sleep comes slowly.

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