Monday, September 11, 2017

Ads Up

No word from the realtor of the place on Gabriola but the ad for my place has gone up and I got a very pleasant surprise: The list price has jumped from $549,000 to $579,000 and Dwayne hopes to reach six hundred grand.
If he does reach six hundred grand it will mean the value of my place doubled in ten years. Put another way: I was making an invisible thirty grand a year while I ‘ve been living here. That’s Vancouver for you!
The house I’m bidding for on Gabriola is wired for Shaw so my access to Netflix, Apple TV, the Internet and cable TV is assured. I’ll be keeping my same email address and I’m very happy about that.  And today I confirmed with Telus that I can have a landline so all my issues are covered. Still, we’re making the offer conditional on an inspection and until Sept. 24th so I have lots of time to think and change my mind.
I have (?) had (?) a dear friend in whom I’ve had a monster crush for over ten years — all the result of his initiative. We had a “friends with benefits” thing going on that he instigated. He’s also a realtor and I didn’t choose to work with him. He called today, the day my place went online. He says it was coincidence but I don’t think I believe him. I told him I made my decision with difficulty; I said I did not want to work with someone who is such an emotional trigger for me. I doubt I’ll ever hear from him again. He’s mad about money; I’m sad I hurt a friend but I don’t regret my decision.

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