Friday, September 8, 2017

Mission Accomplished

I spent all Thursday in high gear — purging my lockers and then filling them up again with boxes of stuff I want out of sight during the open houses. And boy can I purge; duck to water, man! I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m going light.
I tidied every shelf, cupboard and closet. I had a ton of art supplies and materials to deal with. I worked diligently all day from 7:00 am until 10:00 at night (with an hour and a half off to have lunch with Dwight).
Today was way worse. Tim helped me move my “ladies” to John and Bunny’s house. I left here at 8:30 am, got gas, picked up Tim (miles away) and then went to get the truck, We came back here to my place, wrapped the ladies in plastic and I loaded them into the truck. I did all the work. Tim did not want to be responsible for damage to any of them.
We got to J&B’s at 1:00 and unloaded. I had to cut up my chopstick dress to shit to fit it through the door. But I didn’t care; I can easily fix it once I settle somewhere. Then we took the HUGE truck to get gas and that’s where I had the accident (very minor and I had insurance). Then we took it back.
After that, I took Tim for a meal and then came home to the chaos I’d left. There was shit everywhere and my dining room had to be assembled. I had to fetch all the chairs from my locker in the basement and then truck all the art supplies and a mannequin into the space the chairs took — plus all the boxes I packed on Thursday.
The table wa really hard to assemble. It weighs a ton and has a lazy Susan in the centre, but I did it with the help of a neighbour. I finished working for the day at 10:30 and I’m going to bed exhausted but really proud of myself.
Tomorrow morning I clean all the surfaces because the photos will be taken for the MLS listing at 11:30 am. The listing goes up on Monday. Monday! Tonight I can relax and I plan to take myself out for a nice dinner.
On Sunday Realtor Wayne and I go to Gabriola to look at the place I love so much (see the previous post) and a couple of other places. But if the place I love lives up to my expectations and passes Dwayne’s critical analysis I will almost certainly make an offer on it (subject to the sale of my place).  
Wayne expects my condo to be sold on the 19th. He’s told me to be home the night of the 18th to look at the offers. It’s hard to believe but he’s the experienced one.

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