Saturday, September 23, 2017

Change of Plan

Holy shizha!! Todd called this morning and said he and his son, Hudson, could help me move. That triggered a decision to move October 7th.
Todd is a man whose company is as delightful as Dwight’s. He’s my “adopted daughter” Jessica’s husband and he’s offered to spend the Thanksgiving weekend helping me set up my house.
So on October 6th the movers go to the warehouse where all my furniture will be waiting and then they come here to get my personal stuff. Then, on the 7th, they deliver it all to me on the island. I will go over on the 7th too, on the first ferry, and Todd will drive up from Victoria with Hudson. They’ll help me move stuff and set stuff up over the weekend.
As of October 7th, Gabriola will be my home.
That first week they come to install a landline and cable TV and the Internet.
On Friday I went back to the furniture store and changed my bed from one style to another and bought two guest beds in the same style — it’s a “Craftsman-ish” style and I really love it. I’m passionate about wood; I did my townhouse in Mahogany, this place in Maple and now my cabin furniture is Rosewood. I’m ecstatic. I got beautiful 600-stitch cotton sheets for the guest beds, lovely down all-season duvets and new towels.
This morning, triggered by Todd’s call, I ordered my bar-b-q, patio heater, freezer and a patio dining set to be delivered here before my move.  I feel like I’ve spent the equivalent of the GNP of a small nation.
I’ve my driver’s license address to change and a lot of other administrative duties yet to do but so much of this move is behind me now — it’s all down hill from here on.  

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