Tuesday, September 19, 2017

My Condo's Sold

It's mine! Well, technically, I've the inspection to go through tomorrow, but I'm taking this place.

Yesterday at 3:30 my hopes started rising. I got a request for a private viewing so I hoped that realtor Dwayne and I would be looking at an offer after all.
At around five, Dwayne asked for more time saying he was waiting on an agent. He asked for 90 minutes and then he added: “All good!!!” By now I was certain an offer was coming but fearful of subjects.
Then he arrived and everything went far, far better than I expected. The buyer offered $601,000 with no subjects. That, you cannot beat. But the capper was a letter he wrote.
The buyers name is Michael. He’s a firefighter and an only son and he wrote his letter to go with his offer explaining how much he loved and wanted my suite. I’m going to write him a letter to try to make him feel as good as he made me feel. I absolutely love this stranger who will care for this place and love it as I have. What better outcome could there be?
And I’m going to leave him a big bottle of Veuve Clicquot in the fridge.
Cathy and I went to Musette for lunch. When we ordered our food I saw the delicious looking apple and blackberry pie and so we decided to get a piece and share it. I went to the clerk to get it and, first of all, she started laughing when I used my cross mouth sign to indicate my problem. I just persevered, trying to explain that I wanted one piece of pie and two forks.
When she charged me $12, I realized she thought I wanted two pieces of pie so I tried to mime again what I wanted but she just couldn’t understand me. I just kept trying. What else could I do and then, as I was deciding to give up and go back to my back and get my pen and note pad I heard a woman say: “Excuse me young lady, but it seems clear to me that this gentleman wants one piece of pie and two forks.”
I looked at her and she went on: “Am I right? Is that what you want?”
I nodded affirmatively and did my usual praying hands thank you sign and the young women began trying to figure out how to calculate the refund.
Then I heard the woman reminding the girl she’d laughed at a person’s disability and that by not looking at me when I was speaking (miming) that she’d done me a disservice. She was kind and gentle with the girl, but appropriately instructional. She made me feel great and so I kissed her hand.


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