Saturday, September 16, 2017

Open House #2; Post A

It’s open house #2 day.
It’s a challenge to put your hopes and dreams (and money) into hands I cannot control: A stranger will facilitate my dream by buying my place. How I pray that some rich stranger takes a fancy to my place today or tomorrow (open house #3).
At least yesterday started excellently: My Thursday night email complaining about my treatment (and playing the disability card) worked. At 9:03 (!) yesterday morning I got a superb email from VanCity saying they’d agreed to bridge financing. Another hurdle falls.
Dwayne arrived at 9:45 yesterday morning and I left. Seven people/parties came to see the place; Dwayne said: “Not bad.” I find selling to be as emotionally draining as buying.
My friend Beth is often writing on her blog about the birds in her backyard garden and I’ve forever been envious. But envy be gone! One of the first things I’ll do if I get to Gabriola will be to hang up my new bird feeders.
I’m also going to get a hummingbird protein feeder. They are containers into which you place a banana and after a few days, gazillions of fruit flies are attracted to it and the hummingbirds eat the fruit flies. I’m also getting a Jay feeder to hang away from the other feeders.
The other day I had several wonderful minutes with three friendly Northern Flickers. They are truly lovely birds and they make such a beautiful sound.
And wow, wow, wow: I’ve been reading a little about Gabriola. Ravenskill Orchard and Cidery sells fresh apple juice, apples and U-pick apples on Gabriola, the Co-Op sells propane (bar-b-q: check), there’s a gourmet food and kitchenware store and many farms selling retail. There’s also a cheese maker and my favourite — Home Hardware. Yay!
There’s a charter seaplane service daily to Vancouver and lovely Inns, boat rentals, a car repair service and restaurants. Double yay! 
Let my condo sell!

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