Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Earning Donuts

By 11:00 am yesterday morning I was pooped.
Shaw phoned, though, and that picked me up. I’ll have the Internet and cable TV as of October 10th. Although I’m rushing off to a new adventure I’m really excited about experiencing my favourite pastimes in the new space — hearing my favourite music, getting Netflix and Masterpiece Theatre and corresponding with friends on email.
The water report for the cabin is good; the system is working and in good shape. All I have to do is turn on a light filter when I get there.
I have the keys to my new home. I’m all clear to move in on the 7th.
By 12:30 I was really beat but I stuck to my mantra: Persevere. Leftover Indian food gave me a nice boost. The donut was better; I earned it.
By 1:30 I was walking non-talking zombie but I managed to carry on somehow until till 5:00. Then I had the best bath. Oh my God.  
And then I limped to a party. My friends Morris and Ken are in town and seeing them is essential. They are the best company but they moved to Toronto a decade ago. Sigh. So whenever they’re in town we party. I left early and fell into bed exhausted.
Today will be more of the same. This morning I started on my locker but now I’m going to Dr. S. By the end of the day I should be almost finished packing — and dead on my feet. But there’s no party tonight!

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