Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Signing Documents & for Speech

It’s 6:30 am Tuesday morning and I’m already sweating but I see clouds so the day should be cooler today — and thank God because now another muscle has blown in my neck. The one that hurt yesterday is better but now one is killing me on the other side. Sigh.
Meanwhile, somewhere in Toronto (where it’s already 9:30 am) a banker is reviewing my offer. A bank foreclosed on the house I am buying and own it.
She’ll respond to her agent today and he’ll get in touch with Dwayne and I before 6:30 pm tonight. Then I can counter offer. If they accept all the terms except the price and counter offer only on the price, I plan to accept — subject to inspection and the sale of my place. Then I’ll have it.
Today I see Dr. S. and tonight I take my first signing class. And today’s the first day I’ve been forewarned I may have to vacate for private viewings.
For a guy used to doing nothing, I’ve been very busy.
All I think about is living on Violet Crescent. Living there is going to be very different. Mostly what I think about is the studio. It’s quite big and has a wood stove in it and lovely French doors. My first project is going to be making it the perfect studio for me. I’ll have a large table built, some new flooring put in and lots and lots of shelved added.
I’m also going to get a sink, small fridge and a hot plate. It’s going to be my (artistic) man cave. It’s where my ladies will live.

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