Sunday, September 24, 2017

I’m Purring

Sunday: The day of rest. Okay, well not rest, but no long list of duties for me today. It’s nice and warm again today but Monday and Tuesday are predicted to be rainy days — they’ll be perfect for packing. So all I’m tasking myself with today is to get the bubble wrap and cardboard boxes I want.
I’m already looking forward to next summer and my life outdoors in my yard on my deck with the outdoor shower and hot tub — and the birds. But I’m in no way winter averse — not at all. I swoon at the thought of snow falling and being in the cabin, cozy and warm in front of the fire.
I called realtor Dwayne three weeks ago; just two weeks ago the ad for my place went public and in less than two weeks I move. It’s been fast and smooth.
I had a meal with my friends, Karen and Bob, who are moving to Kelowna around the same time I move to Gabriola. (Every time I write that word, “Gabriola,” and even better, the word “island,” I get a rush of joy through my body.) We talked about our moves and the reactions of our friends. It was really interesting. It was worse for me, though, because I am single. By worse I mean the concern was sometimes intense because friends worried about me being alone. We, however, both felt proud to be up to such a dramatic change in our lives at our age.
I love packing; I love the “laying of hands on all things” it involves. I can cull, box and label everything. Most of all, I can sort. Packing is an amusement park for people with OCD tendencies. I’m purring.
Tonight Bruce and Michael come for a relaxing early dinner of Indian food.

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