Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Contract Day!

I’m just a little excited: My realtor comes this morning because I’ve decided to move as soon as I can. I’d rather spend winter in a home than experience another one in my beautiful but tiny condo cage.  
I’ve rented a truck for Friday so that Tim can help me move and all my ladies to live at John and Bunny’s place for a while. Then I’ve to set my dining room up again and get a dishwasher (I had my dishwasher removed and realtor Dwayne wants one back in). Plus I’ve got to do a thorough purge and clean.
Then my teeny-weeny urban paradise can go on the market. Today’s headline is about condo prices going up 20%. I’m definitely selling at the right time.
Next week, Tim is coming with me to Campbell River. He’s being such a mensch helping me; he grew up in Campbell River and he’s keenly and kindly offered to help me get to know it.
So big news: I get to know the asking price for my place and I sign a contract with the realtor today. Here I go! Woo hoo (as my friend Beth would say)!
Yesterday’s weather was dreadful. It was super hot and muggy and so, so smoky. The sun, when you could see it, was a deep orange/red and last night I had to sleep with my fan on high and aimed directly at me.
Today’s still hot and smoky but there’s a  bit of a wind, thank God, so it feels slightly cooler. What a summer!

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