Sunday, February 10, 2019

Another Storm

My schedule has been out of whack: I’ve spent a lot of time over the past two days “with” Cathy and I did a lot  of work on the Selfies  project.   
Friday night there was another big wind storm. I slept through it but my yard is full of branches and twigs again and there is no more snow in the trees. It all blew away. But the snow on the ground was gorgeous. It looked like hand-made Japanese paper sparkling beautiful and white in the sunshine but with Fir needles sprinkled evenly upon it lying in every direction. It was beautiful.
The sea was another story: Green-grey and angry looking beneath grey and black sky, it was throwing massive waves against the island and looked apocalyptic. I loved it.
Today is day six of cold weather. The weather office predicts it will stay cold ”until the third week of February.”
I finished all mySelfie  projectwork. I’ve printed, trimmed, spray glued and applied three hundred paper “decals” to the kit envelopes. The posters got printed Friday, the party tickets are in the mail and the handbills get printed this coming week. We are almost ready to launch.
Yesterday afternoon Sheba and I went to Drumbeg and had the whole park to ourselves because a tree was down from the storm. It blacked access to the paring lot and deterred visitors, but we parked on the road and walked into the park.
It was lovely to be there alone and the day had turned brilliant and sunny. On the southern point of the park, wind was howling directly into my face. It was biting cold and I loved it. I could see Mount Baker, in Washington State, rising over the horizon; it was a truly magnificent sight.
Last night was dull—nothing new there. Except I watched a film of a play performed at Lincoln Centre and it was thrilling to see an actual play, incredibly well performed and so intimately. The camera was right on the face of the actors often, yet it was filmed with an audience.
Today: Nothing, just like every day. Errands will get done, Sheba will be walked, the fire will be kept hot all day, some New Yorker articles may be read and some TV will be watched. It’s my favourite kind of day.
This morning’s big community dog walk was cancelled due to the storm. The trails have too many trees down.

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