Friday, February 22, 2019

DR Day

I am over-the-top blissful when it’s sunny, as it was yesterday. 
I began my day, in the cool of dawn, with my first morning spa of the year. The sun shone on my face through the newly opened canopy whilst the CBC played fabulous sitar and tabla music—music of which I’m terribly fond and that brings back fond memories of time past in India. 
Every day I say to myself, “Thank God I moved here!”
I went to meet Eoin and François for a brisk morning walk with our dogs. I introduced them to the Trail to Nowhere; it’s my favourite walking trail and they appreciated how bright it was (given that it wanders through primarily leafless deciduous trees). There was still lots snow on the ground, crunching underfoot so loudly we couldn’t conduct a conversation. We were walking through a Christmas card the whole time; it was beautiful to be outside.
And I must say: Eoin and François are treasures; I revel in their company. It is partly because they’re both fine gentlemen, partly because we have things in common—a love of cuisine, birds, walking, nature, solitude and Gabriola, and partly because they are gay men like me. I have two natural families: Theatre people and gay men.
After our walk, I I lit the fire in my studio, cleared the worktable and then welcomed Margy and Fran for a flower-making session. Margy and Fran were really taken by my wonderful space; it was inspiring to be working in it again after so long. (I don’t like to use it too much in winter to save on heating fuel.)
In the Fall, for a very short period of time, it’s wonderful to harvest “dead” leaves before the wet and cool weather destroys them. Cleaning up yesterday, I found my stash from last year and they have dried beautifully. I will get more this coming Fall and make a wreath to decorate a wall.
I can hardly wait to see Rocketman, the biopic of Elton John that comes out in May. I saw the trailer on Youtube and it looks like a fabulous romp. Taron Eggerton sings Elton’s songs, looks like Elton and appears to be a clever actor too.
The dog walk this morning was very wet. I washed Her Highness afterwards, went shopping for soup materials and started making things for DR and I to eat whilst she’s here.
I’m comfortable with DR so I expect to enjoy her visit without having a seizure. I’m going to be pro-active if need be, and take some times alone in the studio or for a drive if I feel I need to, to ensure I don’t. 
I’m certain (but not completely positive) that my last seizure was January 11th. If I’m wrong, it was earlier in the year, not later, so it’s a safe date to use as the start date of this attempt on my part to pass six months without having a seizure. That would put an end to any concern of losing my driver’s license. I’m going to check with the police and VGH to find out how someone proves they have been seizure-free.
Team Selfieis chuffed. The school has embraced our idea so all 154 children there will be doing self-portraits and on our first day, we sold seventeen Selfiepanels.

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