Sunday, February 3, 2019


It’s lovely in Pinecone Park this morning because there’s been a light dusting of snow. Even better: The hot tub is pristinely clean and a toasty 104°. You know where I’ll be later today.
Sheba and I hopped into the car to go for our walk, Saturday morning, only to discover that I had a flat tire. Then I discovered my car had no spare; the words, “spare tire,” don’t even appear in my car’s operation manual.
Luckily I have an appointment at 8:00 am tomorrow morning at the automotive shop for engine work, because I found a guy, John, with a tow truck and he came and took my car to the garage. 
Watching John, all alone, use incredible tools to get my car onto a trailer and off to the garage all by himself was fabulously interesting. And what a guy! He’s a real gentleman like Scott the arborist and the young fellow who delivered the water right after John left.
After John left, I realized I’d sent the car to the garage without the key! I called Jay and he took me there to drop one off. Sheesh. Then, while the spa warmed up, Sheba and I went for a walk in the trails nearby. The evening went by cozily by the fire.
I watched Not Far From the Treeon Netflix. It’s a movie derived from a book by the same name by Andrew Solomon. It’s about people with differences and the families who love them—and some of these kids present their families with verychallenging differences. One of them, “out of nowhere” slashed the throat of an eight year-old girl.
One person featured in the film, is a small woman and I fell completely in love with her and when we follow her to a conference for small people it’s horrifying to hear how they react to news from the medical community that will genetically “correct” dwarfism.
They do not feel broken and I loved hearing that because neither do I any more. 
I can’t join my big dog-walking group this morning; I can’t get there without a car, so it’s back to the trail at the end of my street.

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