Tuesday, February 12, 2019

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This morning’s walk was short. I get tuckered out and hot and Sheba gets big frozen clumps of ice in her hair. So we take shorter walks and after we get home, I bathe her to free up her feet, I shower and then our day of leisure begins.
It’s snowed all morning. And even though I am getting fatter and fatter, I went into town for baking supplies. I’m now eating and reading by the fire.
The best part of today has been reading and hearing the commentary of journalists about today’s resignation of Jody Wilson-Raybould from Trudeau’s Cabinet. As each one makes a move regarding SNC-Lavalin, he seems to lose integrity as she gains it.
Ethel ate more string. This time, she threw it up. Last time, she required expensive surgery. Damn, that was close. I have to be more careful.

Look at those icicles! Looking out my bedroom window.

More icicles. I love them!

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