Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Notes from White World

It just kept snowing all day yesterday, from dawn to dusk. I kept waiting for the power to fail but we made it through the day and it’s even on this morning.  
I baked lemon cookies yesterday afternoon (I love  them) and then Sheba and I walked to the post box. She walked in the tire tracks and didn’t get as much ice in her fur as she does on the trails. And then … and then (!) I did some sewing. I darned socks, fixed little holes in my gloves and fixed the zipper on my duvet.
I also tried to book a day in Vancouver but failed. It’s verydifficult to get flights so I won’t be going until the very end of March when I go for three days to see Dr. Shoja.
The evening was quiet. 
I’ll go on the community dog walk this morning, do some shopping and try to muster up the courage to have a hot tub. I hate the cold, but it’s not snowing currently and if there’s another gap this afternoon, I’m going to try to get in.
Other than that, my only plans are to keep the fire high and the bird feeders filled.

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