Saturday, February 2, 2019

Spa Day: YAY!

Above are three of the four raised beds that will be the base of my vegetable garden; they’re four meters long by a meter-and-a-half wide. (Three smaller planters are coming for my Apple trees.) I’ve to line them with plastic and level them before I fill them with soil, fish manure and peat. The last one comes this morning. (I can sit on the sides and weed!)
I baked cookies yesterday, for a meeting I’m hosting here on Monday. I washed Sheba, too. But the focus of the day yesterday was the treatment and draining of the spa. Four hundred gallons of fresh water arrive at around 9:30 am, so I’ll be soaking in pristine water tonight. 
Last evening was lovely: My pets and I comfortable and lazy together in front of the fire.
Cold weather is coming so today I’m moving my hanging baskets that still have some living plants from last summer into my studio where there’s enough heat to keep them alive for the few days it will be cold. (We’re talking West Coast cold here, not Polar Vortex. It’s only predicted to be 0° on the coldest day.)
Dr. S. screwed up, so my February appointment has moved to April 1—April Fools Day. I’m going to Vancouver March 30thto April 1. I’ll have three days in the city and I’ll be staying at Bruce’s while he’s in Europe.
I saw Dr. S. for just over two years after the onset of my condition. During our time together I was possessed of nothing but questions and I looked to her for answers. 
No more.
I’m no longer interested in what psychiatry has to offer me. I’m going for a letter and to “tell,” not ask. I’m the expert now. I’ve not improved one bit, but I’ve relaxed into my condition. I accept it and still love life—a different, isolated life, but a rich one all the same thanks to my home, pets, hot tub, gardens and my ideal rural island life. 
It’s certainly chilly today, but the sky is largely clear. It’s going to be a beautiful day for the renaissance of my spa. Splash!

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