Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Cathy, Cathy, Cathy. She was on my mind all day yesterday, a day that was cold and white. The snow is just a millimeter or two deep and it’s tiny round dry crystals of snow, not the wet flakes we’re used to. It’s 7:00 am and -7°.
I had difficulty talking day yesterday, even with Dwight. I assume it’s due to my sorrow over Cathy, whose pink ski jacket keeps popping into my mind’s eye.
I still don’t have my car. I’ve been without it since Saturday morning but I haven’t missed it really, except that I’ve been unable to join my dog-walking groups. I hope to get it back this afternoon.
Dwight has his surgery today. I think about him, as well as Cathy. Hopefully, next week he’ll do some recovering here.
The Handmade Selfie project meeting yesterday went extremely well. I served the Ranger cookies I made and Lemon & Ginger tea. 
We continue to work productively and reach consensus easily. Next, we print all our marketing material and on Tuesday we reconvene here to stuff all the envelopes with the rest of the kit contents.
Jenny and Tawny are going to go to many island groups and stores to promote our project and sell panels; they’ll be suggesting the members/staff of the groups with whom they meet participate as a group project. 
I’m feeling very confident about our potential for success.
Today I have lots of Handmade Selfie work to do. The day will pass quickly. I have graphics to ready for printing and I’ve to cut and paste titling onto the 300 envelopes.

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