Monday, February 11, 2019

Serious Snow

When it’s clear, as it was Sunday morning, I can fetch wood without a flashlight at 7:00 am! I can almost taste Spring. But the day that began so brilliantly changed to a day of light dry snow. It started at noon and by 12:30 it was a blizzard. And it just kept going all day and into the night. I loved it.  
I’d been hoping for a Winter without snow. I was wrong to do that. I absolutely loved being warm and cozy and looking at the landscape change to white. Snowfall in the forest is infinitely more beautiful than the same weather in the city.  
When the wind picked up late in the afternoon, it would blow the snow off the trees and the air would be white with snow. There be zero visibility for a while; it looked like smoke moving through the forest. 
The only problem is with Sheba. She loves going out into the snow but she gets balls of snow in the fur around her feet and it bothers her so we cannot walk for long. I am going to try putting socks on her feet for the community dog walk this morning to see if that works. If it doesn’t, we won’t walk. It would be too cold on her feet.
It’s predicted to snow again today and tomorrow.
My friend Dana sent me a huge video file I was able to download and convert. It was the debut episode of season six of Endeavour, one of my favourite TV shows. It was such a treat to watch. I love Sean Evans and the whole cast.
I like Michael Buble. Every time I see him interviewed, I’m always charmed by his openness and unpretentiousness. He’s a terrific and natural performer and his voice is pure gold. He did a show at the theatre where I worked on his way to global domination.
I watched an interview with him yesterday. He was on the Graham Norton show and he told a story that he introduced as proof of “how gigantic my ego is.”
He was doing a meet and greet and he saw a stunningly hot young woman approaching and got really excited about meeting her. When he did, as they were parting she said, “Oh Michael, does your penis give lessons?” 
He was thrilled! He turned to his publicist and he told her what the girl had said to him.  
“And this girl looked at me with… well, rage, and then she said, ‘I asked you: Does your pianist give lessons?”

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