Monday, February 18, 2019

Busy Day

Yesterday’s dog walk was one of the finest. There was snow on the ground but it was hard packed, making walking easy. I was so warm I took my coat off and enjoyed the walk beneath absolutely glorious blue sky and bright, sparking sunshine. It was a perfect winter day.
I came home high on the spectacular sunshine. I dropped off Sheba and went into town to have lunch at Robert’sand when I got home, I was quickly into the spa. It was brilliant; the warm water, the sunshine beating down and reflecting off the snow, the gorgeous green of the trees all made for a blissful experience.
This morning I have a Selfie  committee meeting here at 10:30 am after the community dog walk. We’re assembling the kits and today, they and tickets for the party go on sale. It’s rather exciting after so much planning and preliminary work, particularly on my part. But the rest is mostly up to my partners. My remaining task will be to assemble and mount the portraits once they are all received.
And tonight James and Monica, siblings of my friend Paula, are coming for pizza, wine and cribbage.  After weeks of doldrums at Pinecone Park & Spa, today is a busy day.
Also, every day now extends my longest period of life without a seizure since the onset of my symptoms almost three years ago. If I can go six months without a seizure—I have no idea how I can prove that—there’s no danger of me losing my driver’s license.
The bright moonlight made the snow glow last night. It was beautiful. And today will be sunny again. Hooray!

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