Thursday, February 21, 2019

Flower Bee Chez Moi

What you see above are the paper flowers I’ve been making. We'll be  using them to decorate the Community Hall for the party we’re throwing in April. Stern folding is required to make them; I get cramps in my hands at night from the work.
Each one takes about twenty minutes of earnest work. Margy, our decoration captain, wants as many as I can stand to make. I’ve made eighteen so far; I figure I’ll have about two dozen made by the weekend when DR arrives. 
The other two photos show that we had about eight inches of snow at one point and the other shows the fabulous little bags I found for gifting the cookies I periodically bake for my dog walking companions. They have "especially for you" written on them.
It’s 6:30 am and I can see an almost full moon shining through the tress. It’s another beautiful day. I’m meeting François and Eoin and their Whippets for a dog walk this morning and then, this afternoon, my Selfie  colleagues are coming to make flowers.
We’ll be working in my studio today. I lit a fire in it yesterday and did a big tidy and clean up in advance of their coming today, and it felt wonderful to be in there. I’m looking forward to my first “crafting bee” in there with friends today. It’s a marvelous space.
It was exactly a year ago that my “friend with benefits” of ten years came to visit for what turned out to be a disastrous visit. It was horrid; we have not communicated since. He instigated and advanced everything; succumbing to his charms was, at times, thrilling and wonderfully fulfilling; at other times, it was awful.
In just over two weeks, Daylight Savings starts! Woo hoo.

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