Tuesday, February 19, 2019

We're Launched!

Okay: I’m done with stuttering and seizure videos. I conclude I stutter far worse than most people on YouTube,  but my seizures are much  milder than most people showing their PNES (seizures).
My final act was posting my own video because all the stutterers I saw were much  more fluent than I am. You can see it here (but it’s really only interesting to other stutterers). I thought people interested in stuttering might be interested to see how challenging speech is for me. It’s my first personal video on YouTube; I also made one about a show at LACMA of magnificent historical clothing. (t's old; I posted is a decade ago (but I like it).
We’re off! Our Selfie project is underway. We’re a big project on a zero budget; I’ve donated money to cover nearly all of the expenses so far (anonymously). My partners meet with the school principal this morning to get all the kids in the school on board.
Now we start crafting to make decorations for the community hall. It’s all so hokey and I’m having an absolute ball—because I’m not responsible. I’ve offered all my left over tissue paper from my dressmaking; the plan is to make huge paper flowers. Hokey! I can hardly wait to start making them.
I picked up pizza to serve Monica and James who came for dinner; I bought dessert and they brought a salad; it was no-effort entertaining. (After the morning meeting I wanted to chill before more company; I did not want to cook.)
I do not know Monica and James; I know their sister who owns a home here but doesn’t live here. They have both just recently moved here.
I’d met them before and like them, but I am nervous with strangers and so I proposed that we play Cribbage. I’ve only played once before, so I learned the rules (and the history) of the game online. It’s derived from an English game called Noddy that dates from the 17thcentury. The man credited with inventing it is Sir John Suckling, a wealthy English poet.
A wealthy poet?!
We had a really comfortable fun evening together. There’s nothing like wine by the fire, fabulous background jazz, excellent pizza and fun conversation. (We didn’t play Crib.)
I casually said to Sheba last evening, “I’ve got to get some wood.” 
She skidded on the kitchen floor, racing so fast to the back door. She must have learned to associate the word, “wood,” with me going out. I tend to tell her where I’m going when I or we go outside. She’s so smart. She also taught herself to self-correct her position in the car to stop the seat-belt alarm from going on where she sits in the car. I love her!
We’ll go for a walk this morning, and then I’m going to start experimenting with making cheesy tissue paper flowers. I can hardly wait.

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