Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Crafter Chris

It’s cool and bright outside; this morning’s community dog walk will be comfortable.
It took me all day Tuesday to make eight large tissue paper flowers (like the two pictured above) for the party at which our community mural (of selfies) will make its public debut. I plan to make more today after I tidy up the studio. I have to put a lot of things away so I can use every surface to store the finished flowers. 
Tomorrow morning Margy is coming by to see them and pick up some tissue so that she can make some as well. I’m using paper I might have used for repairing my ladies but as each day goes by I lose interest in doing anything with them; I’m disinclined to a show them now.
I’ll likely keep working on them tomorrow and Friday as well but ton the weekend DR is coming to visit so I won’t be working on them.
I’m grateful Margy proposed making paper flowers for our decorations. I like watching something on Netflix whilst I make them; time passes so pleasantly and the work is practical. Fred and Ethel were giddy; the sound of the paper thrilled them so they were all over my worktable. It was both annoying and lots of fun.
I’ve to do my taxes but I’m being a “good boy” and updating my will first. I’ve finally mustered the energy to attend to it. The suddenness of Cathy’s aneurism and her passing has prompted action.

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