Saturday, February 16, 2019

Good News!

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It used to be orgasms; now it’s meter readings. 
Who knew I’d get such a high from lower energy consumption. Above you can see last year’s consumption in dark blue and this year’s, in light blue for the past few weeks. Last year I consumed 3,298-kilowatt hours; this year, I’m projected to consume 1,577 kWhs. That’s more than 50% reduction! (My fiscal year is October-September.) 
I’m really proud of this. I’ve worked hard to achieve it. I heat exclusively with wood, I turn all my lights off where after me (in spite of some ridicule I’ve received from friends!), I lowered the temperature in the spa and changed the heating cycle, I put a regulator on the pump that turns on the well and I put a timer on the heater in my studio. Plus: I take clothes out of the dryer when they are damp and air-dry them the rest of the way.
Hi five, Chris!
Stop what you are doing and watch all three-and-a-half minutes of this.
My pets profoundly fulfill me; they captivate me; we are constantly interacting. I go from one to another through the day. When I go out, Sheba comes with me. When we come home, both Fred and Ethel are at the door to meet us. 
I often wonder why I love isolation and solitude so much. One reason is that all my symptoms disappear. I can talk fluently to my pets and I rarely have seizures when I’m alone. The other reasons are Sheba, Fred and Ethel. I’m not isolated
Last night I watched Happy as Lazzaro  on Netflix. I loved it. It’s an Italian film. I loved it as I loved MediterraneoCinema Paradisoand other movies short on action and rich in character. It’s bravura storytelling.
I loved cinematography. It has a pale palette; I could almost feel the dryness of the climate and the life of the characters. It’s passionately and vividly directed and faultlessly acted. I felt I was in my twenties again as I watched it; that’s when I discovered the magic and deeply seductive atmosphere of European cinema.
Films like Lazzaroallow me to “dive into them.” Today, I’ve felt all day that I just got back from Italy.
The January 28 New Yorker has an absolutely delicious article by Robert Caro about his research (to date) on his book about Lyndon Baines Johnson. It’s witty, arrestingly interesting and a magnificent tribute to journalistic scholarship. The man is a god.
I’ve no interest at all in a book about LBJ, but I love reading this insightful account of a specific writing form—investigative journalism. And, like a good video, there’s a delicious “kick” at the end that leaves a lingering impact: He addresses his motivation in writing the article.

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