Tuesday, February 12, 2019

H20 + -3° = 30 cms

Our Monday morning dog walk.

This is Sheba and her friend Molly.
See the icicles?

We’re officially at 30+ cm of snow. 
In the summer it’s Fir needles that come fill the house like sand in a beach house. In Fall, it’s mud that has to be controlled with pet baths and heavy-duty mats. Now it’s snow. I have to bathe Sheba’s paws in warm water every time she goes out or she gets on my bed or the furniture and melts.
More snow is predicted today, sunshine for tomorrow, more snow for Thursday and then we’ll get rain. I can’t remember being happy at the prospect of rain for a long time.
Walking in this soft, light, dry snow is as satisfying as popping bubble wrap; it makes wonderful crunching noises as I walk. And coming home is thrilling. I return to a log cabin surrounded by a thick blanket of pristine and glistening white snow and smoke coming out of the chimney. There are even icicles hanging off my eves! (See photo above.) I love this place.
And the birds! I have scores of them now that everything is so frozen and white. I keep the feeders topped-up through the day and I leave lots of suet out as well. I spend a lot of time and take great pleasure in watching them. The thrushes are almost the size of small chickens!
There’s just a month left of Standard Time. On March 10th, we change to Daylight Saving Time and less than two weeks later, it’s the Spring Equinox. I can handle another month of winter and life mostly indoors. I’m proud that I made it through the past two seasons so comfortably. I do fine here.
Today will be another slow, slow day of reading. My only duty is keeping the fire high on these cold days.

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