Thursday, February 7, 2019

Minor Trees Down

It’s still a time of big fires and there’s another week of cold weather ahead. We all love the fire and I have excellent clothes for the cold. I’m using extremely modest amounts of electrical heat in the early mornings because I had an astronomical hydro bill last year.
Yesterday’s dog walk was lovely in the sunlight and brisk air. I did Selfieproject work all day but I took a break to go to Robert’sto meet Carolyn. (We once were colleagues at Emily Carr University.)
We had a lovely lunch. I barely know her but value every relationship on the island, so I enjoyed getting to know her. As we parted, she said she wanted to come by and meet my pets. Her request was welcome; we have a lot in common.  
I’m excited this morning because Scott, the extraordinarily handsome arborist, is here today to fell several small, thin trees on my lot. He’s also going to take specific measurements of the trees we want to trim that are on crown land so that he can negotiate permission to do the work from the Provincial Arborist.
The roll of plastic I ordered came yesterday. It will become lining for the raised beds and today I’m talking to the local nursery about the soil mix I want. Plus, I saw some cold frames on the Wayfairwebsite that might be very practical. I’m getting closer and closer to having a vegetable garden, but I’m not doing any work in this cold, thank you.

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