Wednesday, February 6, 2019


I phoned a former associate yesterday, Chris, who was also good friends with Cathy. Our “reunion” was a lovely outcome stemming from the crisis.
I went into the living room last night to turn off the TV and there was a reality show playing called something like Masked Singer(?). It involves celebrity guests trying to guess who is singing; all the singers are masked.
Brian Adams has released new music and CBC radio plays it.
Both these forms of entertainment (sic) repulse me. I turned off the TV. Every time Brian Adams is played, I get up and mute the radio. Nero is fiddling.
It’s sunny but it’s cold and it’s going to stay this way for another week. It truly feels like Winter now; it’s “big fire” weather—weather I can do without.
But I have my car back and I’m using it to return to the fold of my dog-walking group and I’m going into the Village for lunch with a former colleague from Emily Carr University. After that, I’ve more work to do on the Selfie show; I truly enjoy all the work I do for it.

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