Monday, December 9, 2019


Oh my God.  Akhenatan was glorious to listen to on Saturday afternoon. The book is derived from text found on artifacts by archeologists but it’s the music that I loved so much (plus the fact that Akhenatan is sung by a counter tenor). It’s my new favourite opera; it’s by Phillip Glass.
I looked it up on YouTube and wow! The costumes, scenery and imagery absolutely knocked me out. I loved this opera because of the music (and subject), but the visuals are to die for. I would love to see this staged. Here’s a link to a promotional video.
Sunday began with a very long soak in the spa. It still stuns me to be able to soak in an eight-foot square tub. Then Sheba and I went on the big community dog walk. We walked again in the afternoon and then I went to François’ and Eoin’s for fondue in their new home. Below is a photo of the view from their living room.

We had a great late afternoon savory and then sweet fondue with Clovis and Walnut, their Whippets. They have a gorgeous home and appear to have a spectacularly friendly and smooth relationship. I have an absolutely wonderful time in their company.
In 1924 British journalist William Norman Ewer published an anti-Semitic couplet:
How odd of God
To choose the Jews.
It was met with some great responses:
From Leo Rosten:
Not odd of God.
Goyim annoy ‘im.
From Cecil Brown:
But not so odd
As those who choose
A Jewish God
Yet spurn the Jews.
Three anonymous replies:
Not odd of God
His son was one.
Not odd, you sod
The Jews chose God.
How strange of man
To change the plan.
And Yale political scientist Jim Sleeper wrote:
Moses, Jesus, Marx, Einstein, and Freud;
No wonder the goyim are annoyed.
Have you seen the Ultimate Dog Tease video on YouTube? It’s hilarious and worth posting even though it’s eight years old now. It’s had 199 million views! Here’s a link.
Today I’m focused on the menu for this Friday night’s dinner party. I have to source some materials that may a challenge to find here. It’s a lovely mild day that’s predicted to be rainless but uninspiring. 

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