Saturday, December 28, 2019

Camp Miriam

Yesterday I met Margy for a two-hour chat. We did the Selfie show together and hadn’t seen each other for a long time. It was fun and I spoke well with her. Then I hurried home—not to do anything in particular, just to be back in the comfort of my paradise with pets where I slept away much of the afternoon. I was exhausted.  
Today’s tasks: I’ve to do some shopping and, while I’m in the village, follow-up on the generator. I heard nothing from the local store yesterday.
Everyone here is talking about the weather. We’ve not yet had a Winter storm and there are no lakes that usually form in low points of our trails. We have, of course, perma-damp (my term), but there is no surface water. And it’s been mild. As I have written, my Narcissus are emerging in my garden.
We have a Jewish summer camp here, Camp Miriam, and someone has defaced it with swastikas. It has upset everyone I know. We hope it’s some kids who didn’t understand what they were doing. Not to excuse it, but kids an be held to a modified standard.

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