Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Good & Bad News

I’ve an appointment with Dr. Majic, my GP here, early Thursday morning. I’m hoping that he’ll approve a referral to Dr. Angelique Goodhue, a psychiatrist at Nanaimo General Hospital. 
The generator won’t start and I’m pissed.  
I discovered marijuana in 1967 and I’ve been a fan ever since. I told Dr. Shoja I was addicted and she suggested I’d found a way of self-medicating my anxiety. But I’ve lost interest; my use it down about ninety percent. I think it’s a good thing.
It was a warm wet day on Monday—so warm I had to take my coat off during the dog walk. But the warmth of the day didn’t stop me from lighting the fire and doing some baking once I finished cursing the generator.
Today is warm too! Today’s high was predicted to be 7°, but at 6:00 am it was already 8°! This happens when the weather comes from the southern Pacific. Along with the tropical temperatures (for here; for winter) we’re having periodic tropical downpours.
Today I shop and tonight I bake for Chris and Frani’s visit tomorrow.
I’ve not touched my armature for over a month but I’m not suffering from the lack of creative action. I get through my days easily and comfortably. In this mildest of Winters, I enjoy walking Sheba often.

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