Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry. Merry

Merry Christmas!
More like Merry Wet Christmas (see above).
I went to Regina’s party yesterday and it was wonderful to see her place. It’s a Gabriola-style estate! There’s the house; it’s really cute and small. It’s absolutely perfect for one or two people. Then she and Matthew have another small house. It’s for guests and it’s completely private and is a fully functional home. Attached to it, is Regina’s studio that has barn doors on two sides!
Then there’s Matthew’s shed. It’s a beauty man cave! And it’s attached to the outdoor covered baking court that has a big wood-fired oven that not only bakes their bread and pizza, the oven also heats their sauna. What a place! It has a serving area and serves ideally for their outdoor parties.
Then there’s the yurt. It’s where Regina and her friends do their yoga. And there are at least three other buildings that I didn’t visit. And it all sits on five acres overlooking the sea. The food was delicious and I stayed a good long time. 
(I did okay, too. But when I was introduced to strangers, I could not speak. Once I settled, though, my speech improved.)
Today will be quiet at Pinecone Park. I met my friends for a dog walk, and Sheba and I will go for another later today. I bought us a ball thrower for Christmas. I have to chop some wood, later; I’m out of kindling. And I’ll likely talk to Dwight and Steve and a few other friends today.

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