Sunday, December 22, 2019

Day 1, Winter

It didn’t rain all day Saturday. Although the ground was soaking wet and even the air felt wet, Her Highness and I enjoyed three walks/outdoor play dates. In the evening I watched JoJo Rabbit. (It’s not a great film.)
This morning we’ll go on the big community dog walk. The rest of the day will pass, as has every day of the past week: Doing nothing except enjoying the absolutely glorious music playing on the radio (CBC 2). I love the Christmas music they play even though Christmas is just a day when all the stores are closed.
As I have written here before, my Hydro bill for my first year here was $4,500. Last year, it was around $2,000; I’ve written to Hydro to find out exactly how much I paid. I’m curious because I’m using a fraction of energy this winter compared to last. I may be able to get my annual energy bill to just over a thousand dollars!
I’m also burning less wood this year than last. That, too, will save me money—as will not buying any water. I can manage my spa with well water now. 

The Winter of our Discotheque.

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