Monday, December 16, 2019

Dull Weather

The weather forecast looks rather gloomy, don’t you think? It shows rain, but we don’t get much rain. We usually get only showers, it seems to me, on Gabriola. I reckon we’ll be slipping downstream into Winter.
Bruce sent me a series of long emails about his trip to China and Japan. He’s just recently returned. Each one was a chapter of his voyage and each was well illustrated with photographs. Once I started, I could not stop reading about his trip. It was wonderfully interesting; he had lots of links making deeper insight an option for his readers.
He spent eight days in China (four days in both Shanghai and Beijing) and eleven days in Japan (six in Tokyo and five in Kyoto.)
Very early into his diary about his time in Shanghai, he mentioned going to a park. I scrolled down, and there was this photo:

As soon as I saw it, I had an anxiety attack. I was hyperventilating and completely sized. When I went to find it to include with this post, it was fine, but it really unsettles me. I can only guess as to why: Too many people and so much red. I get this uncontrollable overwhelming emotional reaction to all kinds of things.  
With this condition, I cannot imagine travelling. I could certainly not travel alone, and to travel with someone would put an impossible burden on us both. Hence my love for Bruce’s travel diary; I can see China and Japan and read about my friend in the comfort of home.
Home: There is no nicer word.
I’m back from a small community dog walk. It’s not raining but there’s already been one light shower. Days of gloomy weather are ahead, but I’m fine by the fire with the pets. I’ll likely get some work done on the armature for my grotesque figure this week before the weekend visit of Dwight and Jody. But I’ll work in the house rather than having a second fire going in the studio.
In spite of the weather, I’m very happy here in silent and sleepy Pinecone Park and Spa.

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